Q & A with Jonny Huntington

Jonny is wearing winter clothing and trans-versing across a slope using ski poles
Image credit Action Film

Jonny Huntington is a disabled athlete, explorer and a member of the Disabled Leaders Network having completed a masters in Sport and Health Science at Exeter University in 2019/20.

In this conversation, we spoke with Jonny about his next ambition – to be the first disabled person to solo the South Pole, ever.

Jonny aims to walk from the continental shelf of Antarctica to the South Pole, a journey of approximately 911km, and he will do this completely alone – on a quest to fulfill his own ambitions and demonstrate potential.

During this conversation Jonny chats with Kate Mattick, GDI Hub Membership and Engagement Coordinator, covering topics from motivation to the connotations of the word “inspiration” and some of the technical, logistical and physical challenges of soloing the South Pole as a disabled person.

Go Jonny!

Jonny and his team are continuing to seek corporate sponsorship to fund this trailblazing expedition.

If you would like to find out more or reach out to Jonny, you can follow him on instagram, visit his website or get in touch with GDI Hub using this form.

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