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Uzoamaka is a black lady in a yellow dress standing with a hand on her hip and one arm resting on a crutch. She is stood in front of a UN sign that says I am #Generationequality

Inclusive Workspaces

This blog has been written by Uzoamaka Anita Asiegbu – a member of the Disabled Leaders Network: INCLUSIVE WORKSPACES With over one billion persons with disabilities globally, I think disability inclusion in the workplace is essential to an organisation’s growth. An inclusive workplace offers employees with disabilities — whether visible or invisible — an equalContinue reading “Inclusive Workspaces”

It’s Time Society Stopped Playing the Independence Card to the Detriment of Disabled People

Until the age of eight, I was educated in a special needs school. Contrary to stereotype, the environment (as I recall) provided ample stimulation and nurturance. This, I believe, was thanks in part to the considerable degree of setting and streaming that occurred in the school’s delivery of learning. The establishment itself, to the bestContinue reading “It’s Time Society Stopped Playing the Independence Card to the Detriment of Disabled People”

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“in pursuing your dream your disability is as much/more of an advantage than an obstacle”

lucy, Disabled Leaders NETWORK


“Snowdon Trust have helped 2,500 disabled students. Over the years we have seen very many brilliant students, destined for fabulous futures”

Dr Renny Leach, Chairman of Trustees Snowdon Trust

“The network will provide a foundation for future success, accelerating its members and influencing others to achieve their full potential.”

Dr Catherine Holloway, Academic Director GDI Hub
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