The Disabled Leaders Network brings together exceptional disabled leaders to engage, build a community and share learnings.

About the Disabled Leaders Network

The network provides a platform for Snowdon Trust alumni to build relationships with other exceptional disabled leaders, creating a hub of information, knowledge and support, to build capacity and drive achievement beyond academia and into the workplace.

The Disabled Leaders Network is driven by its members, with the support of Global Disability Innovation Hub and Snowdon Trust. The network will expand over time, increasing opportunities and building an active community of exceptional disabled leaders doing brilliant things.

The Disabled Leaders Network will deliver projects to support and inspire other disabled students into higher education and beyond.

Snowdon Masters Scholarships – investing in exceptional disabled leaders

The Snowdon Trust funds brilliant disabled leaders through post-graduate study with scholarships of up to £30,000 (£15,000 towards fees for a UK Masters course and a £15,000 allowance while studying).

Snowdon scholarships are aimed at;

  • Supporting brilliant students with the ability to create change and influence others
  • Providing funding for students with excellence in a field of study, within and beyond academia
  • Accelerating disabled students to become leaders and role-models
  • Providing opportunity for individuals with the drive and determination to succeed

Visit the Snowdon Trust webstie for more details.

The network is about creating change and driving potential. Blog post and opinion pieces shared on this website are the views of the author.

“Take risks, share your story and be proud of how far you have come. This is an incredible opportunity to be a role model for others.” 

Nadine, Disabled Leaders Network Member

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